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Everything we want has a new destination now. All the information you want, may it be any information, knowledge, a place to share your views or a platform for entertainment; everything is available online. From ideas for your next seminar to the latest episode of your favorite daily soap, everything is available online. Online availability is never a problem, but most of us are confused about the method to have a secure access to it. Here comes to rescue, the online video streaming apps.

These video streaming apps let you have an access to the shows and movies available on the internet. One very important advantage of using these applications is that you get a lot of options to choose from. Just type it in the search box and here it appears. Options are many but a few can be trusted. From the endless list of thousands of online streaming apps available online only a handful are trustworthy and perform well in the long run...Read More

5 Types of Connectors


Planning of installing cables in your device and not sure of the collectors to use? Don’t look elsewhere, you are at the right place. Come along as I give you details of commonly used connectors easily available.


Quarter Inch Jack Connector

This connector is an electrical connector and it is for analog signal. Very common in electric guitars and amplifiers. As the picture depicts it is cylindrical in shape and usually ¼” with a single ‘black hoop’.


The connector can be ‘mono’ or ‘single’ and this is indicated by the black hoop also known as insulating ring. This type of connector is commonly used in speakers. It can also be used to connect amps and guitar heads to the cabinets.


VGA Connector

 The acronym VGA simply means Video Graphics Array. It is common both in computers and video devices. It’s a three-row 15-pin connector (DE-15). This connector widely used on projectors, laptops as well as desktop computers.


Speakon Connector


The connector is mainly for audio application. Usually for professional audio. It can be in 2,4 or 8 pole iterations. It is designed for high current rated 40 A. Like other connectors it has a female and male panel socket. Due to the professional audio application, it should be used for live sound to connect power amplifiers to loudspeakers.



XLR Connector

 This is another professional audio connector. It is also used in stage lighting equipment. Consist of 3 to 7 pins or holes which are circular in design. Usually associated with balanced audio interconnection. it can also be used for low-voltage power supplies and other applications. This connector is highly similar but not compatible with DIN connector. It has a smaller version called ‘mini XLR connector’ for smaller equipment.


Balance Jack Connector


This is a very important connector if you are into sound recording and production. It is used to interconnect audio equipment using balanced lines. It helps in connecting two audio channels. This connector is designed in such a way to reduce noise. This is done using different techniques. Basically, it has two identical wires which are twisted and wrapped together with another conductor which acts as shield.


This technology makes the electromagnetic interference to induce an equal noise voltage in each wire. The twisted wires are to reduce interference from the electromagnetic induction. Applications of this connector include headphone output, mixing decks, guitar amps, hi-fi equipment as well as recording equipment.



Listed above are commonly used connectors you can easily go for. To get the required results from these connectors, make sure you get them from a reliable and well-known store. Also, ensure you read the operational manual and if possible hire and experience installer. One more thing, ensure you use the connector for the right application. Finally, I hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt a lot from this writeup.

7 Tips for iPhone 4S/5 Users

Are you using iPhone 4S or the newly introduced iPhone 5? If yes, then it is of great importance you know the most essential tips for using it. This article is about 7 most useful tips from numerous tips and tricks available. These tips are to make you control your device better and more useful.

Change Panoramic Direction

Many possibilities have been bought for iPhone users with the inclusion of iOS 6. The iOS 6 software has an inbuilt panorama feature. The panorama feature can be access through Option menu. A panorama image can easily be captured using the camera pan from left to right and it’s a default option. All you need to change direction is to tap the arrow which appears on the screen. Once this is done, you can pan camera from right to left.

Tweek the iOS 6 Maps

The app needs some changes, never mind, few changes can be made from your end. To do this go to Settings>Maps>Change label size. Changing the label size gives you the liberty to view more geographic locations. In addition, the layout is more organized and less cluttered. It makes the text smaller to accommodate more display options, this means your eyesight have to be good to make out for the small text.

Siri Whisper Trick

The fact that everyone hears you when giving voice commands to Siri is sometimes embarrassing. Enabling ‘Rise to Speak’ option on Siri makes you whisper while your phone is close to your ear and give a voice command. To enable this, go to Settings>General>Siri> then enable Rise to Speak. Interesting, isn’t it? I guess many of us know about the new Maps app introduced by Apple.

Directly Attach Video and Picture

One of the most interesting features of this iOS 6 app is that it allows you to attach videos and pictures in an e-mail directly. You can attach to a black mail. To do this, long press the message body, this reveals a pop up, then select the option of video or insert photo. For a mail that is already composed, tap the arrow on the right side to reveal these options.

DND Options


DND simply means ‘Do Not Disturb’ this feature allows you to silence notifications. The beauty about this is the option to set specific time to silence all notifications. To activate, go to Setting>Notification>Do Not Disturb then configure the settings that suit you.



Backing Up Pictures


Backing up is an important thing to do but we always feel lazy about it. Thanks to Apple, iOS 6 has made it very easy. Solution for backing up images has been included in Photo Stream. It has ability to back up pictures taken within time span of 30 days. Go to Settings>Photo & Camera to reveal all pictures stored on your Mac or other Apple devices.


Push E-mail


This is a feature which enables pushing new mails to your iPhone. Very important if you frequently use e-mail for communication in which creating a Hotmail or Gmail account is not enough. Follow steps below to setup;


Setting>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account-Microsoft Exchange


Name your inbox


In the Server field enter or


In the Username field enter your e-mail id and password


Press Next and unselect the Contact and Calendars and then Save


I believe these tips will make you control your device better onwards. Try these tricks today and see the wonders of technology.